McDonalds Interview Questions and Answers

Basic McDonalds Interview Questions

Q: Why do you want to work at McDonalds?

A: In my searches I have found that McDonalds is a great company and I like the way it’s managed and I would like to get involved in the activity of this company to be a part of the team o experts in this domain.

Q: What exactly can you tell us about our company?

A: First I can speak about the history of the company. It all began in 1937 when Patrick McDonald opened an airport restaurant in Monrovia, California named “The Airdrome” with very cheap food and drinks. Then the two sons of Patrick moved the restaurant in San Bernardino, California and renamed it to “McDonalds”. Later, in 1948 they invented a new system that speeded up the service of the restaurant giving birth to the first fast-food. Later they franchised the restaurant in all the country with the aid of Ray Kroc in 1954. In the 60’s and 70’s McDonalds has known an enormous growth and success. After the 80’s until the year 2000 they experienced various difficulties due to competition from other brands like Burger King and had problems also because of the health controversy regarding the fast-food ingredients but passed through all this successfully. This tells me that McDonalds is a serious business and I want to contribute. I also know that the employees are well respected and well paid and that they work in a wonderful environment.

Q: How would you handle a situation regarding an angry customer that keeps complaining about a product or service?

A: I would try to help the customer if the problem is included in my attributions, if it exceeds my duty I will then call the manager or refer the customer to the manager.

Q: Do you desire to be hired part time only or you have plans for a career at McDonalds?

A: Actually now I am following college classes, but I can work full time and no matter what life has to offer for me at a later time I am considering that I must follow a career path here at McDonalds because I can be promoted after finishing college and remain here forever.

Q: What do you expect from this job?

A: I expect to be treated well by my colleagues and I want to have the opportunity to learn as many things as I can and advance in my career here and have a beautiful future in this company.

Q: 5 years from now, how do you see your future?

A: I see myself still working for your company or other company that permits me having a great relation with the employees almost a friendships like relation, I see us working together to bring this company or other even further into success.

Q: What can you tell me about you?

A: I have a strong personality, I am an extravert and I enjoy very much interaction between people and I feel comfortable with it. I am a perfectionist, I consider that everything can be a lesson to learn from in life and I am resistant to failure.

Q: What is your opinion about having to serve many people in a short period of time?

A: It is a wonderful occasion to prove your skills and to also test you limits.


Some more typical McDonalds Interview Questions


Q: What is the thing you like the most at a job?

A: The best thing in a job would the team working and the opportunity to prove yourself.

Q: Can you describe yourself as a successful person?

A: Yes I can say I am because some of my goals from the past are already achieved and others from the future are in the process of achieving too.

Q: What is your weakness?

A: My main weakness is that I am becoming frustrated if a thing that I want to be done as quickly as I can meets difficulties and has to be done later.

Q: What would be you main strength?

A: My main strength is my will, I have a strong will and I am very ambitious, when I want to do something then I do it no matter what obstacles I may find in the way.

Q: In what way do you think a customer should be treated?

A: The customer is the driven force of a successful business so we have to treat the customer with respect and make sure we fulfill all that is desired.

Q: How do you like to work best, in a team or alone?

A: I can work in both situations the same if the team is respectful and does the job the same as I do.

Q: What aspects of your life have made possible your readiness for this job?

A: The schools I have graduated, the experience gained there in social interaction, I have learned to speak fluent and to be made understood easily, the responsibility that I have integrated in my life because from what I have learned in school and the ability to do tasks in a timely manner.

Q: What is the aspect that can make you experience difficulty in dealing with other people?

A: I don’t like working with people that are often making laugh of what I do or don’t know the meaning of mutual respect or those who try to achieve better reputation by making others suffer and stealing their work.

Q: What challenges have you overcome in your life?

A: In school I was trying to get good grades even in those domains where I didn’t like the subjects and found them boring, trying to keep up with other students that were the best, I passed all the big exams in my life.

Q: What will you offer to McDonalds?

A: All I can offer is my dedication, my professionalism and the guarantee that I will not disappoint them by leaving unexpectedly or by not keeping my word over all that I said in this Interview here.

Q: What do you think you have unique over the other individuals who applied to this interview?

A: I think I have a better motivation because of my financial situation and my native social skills are crucial for what defines me as a human being.

Q: What are your three best qualities that you think you have?

A: I am a calm person, even if another human wants to get on my nerves I don’t fall into the trap, resolving the problem with patience and calm, I am very correct and honest and I don’t like when I see that others are not like this, I wouldn’t do anything to break this quality; I am also ambitious to the extreme and I like to deal with any challenge that comes in my way on the road to success.


Senior level McDonalds Interview Questions


Q: Have you ever worked in customer service before?

A: Yes I have worked during summer in a restaurant and I have learned a lot through this experience, I know how to behave with clients to make them feel good no matter what their state initially is.

Q: Have you ever been what can be called even metaphorically a leader?

A: I have been the leader of my college class and I know what responsibilities come with having a leadership position, I know it is not only an honor, but great burden pushes on your back in the same time.

Q: Do you have any relatives or friends that work at McDonalds?

A: I have a few friends that have worked in the past and I came here because of their recommendation, they were content with the kind of work they have done here.

Q: Do you really need this job or you just want to try something new and have fun?

A: I would say both, because I have a poor financial situation at the moment and I really need a fulltime job but also I want to experience life at its highest potential because it’s the only way to learn and get experience for future jobs.

Q: Can you say what was your unhappiness regarding interior company rules for an ex job?

A: I can’t say that I didn’t like the rules, if you are part of a team and everybody respects the rules I don’t see why I should be different, rules are made for the good function of a company and not for making people feel sad or anything, of course there are some regulations that can be forced a little but that depends on the situation and the person involved in it. So even if I didn’t break any rules, sometimes I felt a little underappreciated.

Q: Were you in the past in the situation of compromising quality for completing a task?

A: Yes , I also worked in a summer vacation as a worker in ketchup production and I had a week when my boss required us to complete a big requirement in a short time, then the only way to make all the merchandise before the deadline was to forget about very good quality and make a normal quality product. I think this is a requirement that is unavoidable in some situations and doesn’t really have a high impact on consumer feedback.

Q: What is your best quality at a personal level, not professional?

A: My best trait is altruism, it is a quality that I can’t avoid even if I want to, actually I consider it a minus in our days. I like to make people feel good in any occasion and sometimes I offer them things or I step on my personality in order to achieve this.

Q: What restaurants do you like the most in the fast food business?

A: I only like Burger King and McDonalds, but I like McDonalds best and this is the reason for which I want to work for it. It has better products.

Q: How do we know that you will not steal anything while being a McDonald’s employee?

A: I didn’t steal anything in my life as far as I can remember and this is a habit that I don’t resonate with, so why do I do this in your company?

Q: Have you ever been in the situation to be able to help other people achieve a better performance in a way or another?

A: Yes, in school I always helped my best colleague to keep up with my performances, as he had some problems with particular lessons and I found no issue in helping him be equal to me or even better, I have no envy for such people, I think that people can better themselves with an external help.

Q: What experience did you have in the food industry and what did you like about it?

A: I worked as a supervisor for the technical part of a ketchup packing job and performance at a level of speed and quality was the best goal to achieve, I have learned how to manage time to help me in what I have to do, respect deadlines, I also watched how ketchup is prepared because the preparation chamber was near the place I worked. I love working in the food industry because it gives me that soft and warm feeling of a mother’s kitchen and I like the happy colors that are used.

Q: Do you have anything to object regarding the health of the products sold by McDonalds or fast food restaurants in general?

A: Well I must admit I had some in the past but since I saw on the news that the ingredients used have been changed with healthier products now I don’t really give it a big importance. I think that people are anyway well informed from the Internet and that they can decide for themselves either to eat or not to eat fast food products. It’s their decision.

Q: In a list of tasks that have to be done what is your priority and how do you handle the situation?

A: I will always give priority to clients that were first asking for a service no matter what and if others complain about that I will announce the next hierarchic in line above my or the manager.

Q: Did you have an important role in a team work?

A: Yes I was the supervisor of a team of women and I always treated them with respect and motivated them to gain the best results together, I didn’t consider myself higher than them and I worked with them as team. Of course I explained them all they had to know in order to make the productivity increase as this is what made them have a bigger salary as well.

Q: Are you making a habit from being late to school or other important and responsible activities?

A: Definitely not. It’s not that I am not making a habit but I rarely even get late because I don’t like this type of situation. I think that is a lack of respect for the colleagues to be late and I am ashamed if this happens rarely if a serious problem occurs.

Q: What kind of salary would you expect?

A: Since it’s a productive business I assume that salaries here are not so low, but I would be content with any decent amount you could offer and I would be pleased to know that it can raise over time.

mcdonalds interview questions mcdonalds interview questions and answers


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