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Walmart Interview Questions and Answers

Q: What do you know about Walmart?

A: The brand was called Wal-mart in the past but since the year 2008 it became Wal-mart. It is a corporation that has a multitude of discount department and deposit stores. It was awarded as the year 2010 best corporation in terms of revenue. In 1962 this corporation was founded by Sam Walton. It operates usually under the name of Walmart (in US) and under different names and its own name in other countries.

Q: What do the functions of each Walmart division?

A: Walmart split in three divisions: Sam’s Club, Walmart Stores US and Walmart International. Walmart Stores US splits in: Discount Stores, Super Centers and Neighborhood Markets and they sell general merchandise and groceries.

Q: What are the job positions that Wallmart has available in general?

A: The usual jobs that we may find at Walmart are: cashier, engineering, programming, logistics, customer service, designers, managers, inventory management and others.

Q: What is the salary that would be best for you?

A: I don’t need to gain so much, just to have a decent salary based on my contributions to the company, in other words a fair salary that is up to you decision.

Q: What can you tell us about the previous employer that you worked for?

A: Before worked in a multinational corporation similar to Walmart and the employer was a very respectful person and treated me as an equal; I never had problems with this employer in any way.

Q: What is your ultimate goal?

A: In the end I would want to own a company but I know that mans years and years of preparation and experience as a worker is the domain I want to succeed and I think that your company can help me achieve that in all aspects.

Q: Are you a hard working individual?

A: I cannot say that I am obsessed with work but I love work very much and the food industry is a domain in which I feel like home, so what I make with pleasure I can make it no matter what amount of work it will be.

Q: Does your program allow you to be punctual at work?

A: Yes I have a very flexible schedule that will not interfere with the work at Walmart in any way.

Q: Would you be available for extra time if needed by our company?

A: Yes, I can even skip some classes in order to do that because work will be the first priority as I need a lot of money to achieve my personal goals.

Walmart Customer service Interview Questions

Q: Do you have to maintain a financial stability to your family?

A: I don’t have a family yet but I intend to have if I can have a good remuneration to sustain it that’s why I want to make a career in your company.

Q: Do you often smile to your friends or other people?

A: Yes smile is part of the social interaction which I happen to master myself and I understand that I must smile to clients and make them feel comfortable around me.

Q: Would you prefer a young working collective or an older team?

A: I don’t mind working with older people because they have a more mature way of thinking but I enjoy best working with young people because they are more fun and joyful. So I don’t have any problems regarding the age of my colleagues.

Q: How do you react when your work is criticized?

A: I think that nobody is perfect, at least not from the beginning and any person can receive critics at one time or another and I don’t mind if somebody more experienced than me tells me that I am wrong or I can make something better but when I know I am right I try to show that.

Q: Would you able to lie for the company if needed?

A: I can do this if needed because I wouldn’t do anything that could put Walmart in a bad situation in any case.

Q: Do you think that in the last job, there is something that you could do better?

A: Actually I don’t remember anything that could make me feel remorse about how I‘ve been able to handle the situations in which I was put throughout the duration of my activity.

Q: Can you say something about the most boring job you had?

A: I think that nobody should stay at a workplace that is too boring at all. If you don’t like what you do, there is no reason to continue to torture yourself; this is why I never had a job that was boring, so I can’t say anything in this matter.

Q: What would you say if you wouldn’t meet the expected experience level that we require as a big company?

A: I can say that the experience must be obtained anyhow and nobody is born a teacher or an experienced worker, if you can allow me to demonstrate the speed in which I learn new things, you would be amazed. I don’t think that this is an issue in my case.

Q: What is your opinion about working in the weekend and on night shifts?

A: I don’t have any problem working as much as it is required as long as the payment for the supplementary hours is made in an honest manner. I even enjoy nightshift; I find it having a unique feeling.

Q: Did you have many jobs before you came to us?

A: No, because i had my first two years of college and I wanted to make school the first priority but now the things changed. I only worked in summer vacations three months each.

Q: Have you ever thought of beginning your own business?

A: It is something that I put in my list of things to do but you will find it in the end of the list, the experience required for succeeding in something like this cannot be gained over night.

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